3 guys walk into a coffee shop in Bulgaria, brimming with
15 years of gaming industry know-how, and driven to
discover the missing link to a more immersive and
engaging online slots experience.

Much talk and caffeine later, that missing link
was uncovered. Slots abound in their thousands, but no-one
asks what the players want. Player feedback is key.

You may say that
Felix is a dreamer…

Sharing the dream of more player involvement, Alea
became the perfect partner, presenting the key
to player feedback and unlocking the door
to a more fulfilling slots experience.

Finally, a connection was made between
player and developer, where wants and desires
met talent and creativity, and the very first seeds
of that new relationship were planted…

Fruity Mania

The first to come to fruition was the mouth-watering, incredibly colourful celebration that is Fruity Mania. Complete with happy music and sound effects, this vibrant title fulfills players’ desire to escape to a juicy paradise if only for a while.

Mr. Luck

Everyone wants luck on their side so Mr Luck was our next player-inspired creation, bringing slot spinning merriment to the beat of traditional pub music, paylines that pay both from left to right and right to left, and free respins with sticky wilds.

Lines of Magic

Adding a little hocus pocus into the mix was the next step on the path to play perfection. Wands were waved and Lines of Magic was created, where mysterious music enchants, and green potions are collected for spellbinding results.

Pharaoh’s Temple

The mysteries of ancient Egypt lay in wait next as the Pharaoh’s Temple was unearthed, its secrets beckoning. Mystical music hypnotises while the Pharaoh’s wild expands and scarabs lead the way to treasures untold.

Dark Mystic

Things got a bit dark after that as we delved into the depths of the dragon and summoned Dark Mystic. His fiery fury was unleashed, vaporising win-line symbols to create cascading wins, and flaming entire reels for respins.

Light Dance

Venturing out of the darkness, we stepped into the Light Dance, a groovy neon disco with 243 ways to get down and win. Funky starboy accessories can be collected on every spin unlocking a flash performance and free games.

Planet Rocks

The starboys in our eyes attracted visitors from the skies and gem-rich Planet Rocks landed next featuring a completely alien concept. Free games are collected as you spin and can be played on demand.

Monaco Fever

Coming back down to earth again, we felt the need for speed so put the pedal to the metal and induced an exhilarating Monaco Fever. The high octane action is driven by a Pick Your Prize game featuring bet multipliers, free games and super games.


IT’s a Joker

After that thrill-seeking adventure we were hungry for more so entering the horror genre was the obvious next step. Out popped IT’s a Joker with its creepy clown, haunting music and variable free games and multipliers on every spin.

Red Lion

Eastern promise proved a fitting remedy for jangled nerves, with Red Lion bringing favour and fortune in the form of extra payouts every hundred spins, Red Lion expanding wilds for up to 20,000x multipliers, free games and a pick a bonus feature.

Juicy Wilds

There’s just never enough juice so we squeezed in some more with Juicy Wilds. The game’s epic Hyper Jump feature fast-forwards through no-win spins and skips straight to the juicy bits: the Pick Me Bonus and Free Games Feature.

The Wild Beast of Crete

Juiced up and ready to go, things got a bit wild, and the result was a Greek and beast mashup. The wild beast appears on the reels and stomps out respins if he lands on a winning line, while the 3 gold coins trigger an equally fast and fierce free spins game.

But he is not the only one…

To turn dreams into reality takes teamwork
and Felix quickly found a team of partners to make it happen