Imagine a very old land with snowy mountain tops, lush
valleys and a prosperous gaming industry. Once upon a
time, 2 years ago in Bulgaria, something went up and down.

What went down was coffee in the bloodstreams of 3 guys
with 15 years of experience in land-based slots, who had
gathered in a café to discuss the missing key to online slots.
What went up, was a revelation in the minds of the 3 guys,
namely, the missing key to online slots: feedback from

You may say that
Felix is a dreamer…

You got to chase your dreams, but sometimes, you also
need to become a dreaming stalker and chase a
like-minded dreaming partner who can help you to realize
your dreams. Felix partnership with Alea helped Felix to
escape dreamland and provide the missing key piece to
online slots: players feedback. The partnership planted the
seeds to the first fruity Felix slot.

Fruity Mania

When life serves you with a slice of fruit, you need to be fruitful. The first fruits of our partnership planted a seed which grew into a juicy and mouth-watering fruity slot called Fruity Mania.

Mr. Luck

After our sweet fruity kickstart, we couldn’t imagine what slot could be up next for us. But since Felix means luck, we got lucky and had a meeting with luck himself, Mr. Luck, who ensured that we were on the right slot path again.

Lines of Magic

Since luck doesn’t last forever, we also needed to rely on a bit of magic. Along the lines of magic, something truly magical occurred. We took a dose of spellbinding lines of magic that made our minds spin around and suddenly make us see….temples.

Pharaoh’s Temple

But there is a thin line between magic and temples. Because magic can occur even in temples and since we love ancient Egypt, we thought that why not combine 2 ancient Egyptian trademarks: Pharaohs and temples.

Dark Mystic

Temples filled with Pharaohs are mystical. But we got even more mystified when we suddenly found ourselves in a mythical world surrounded by fire-breathing dragons. Flying dragons who spits fire can make you start dancing, especially when you have fire under your feet.

Light Dance

We wanted to dance out from the dark mystic world with flame-throwing dragons and dance into a brighter path. So we began to dance into the light to light up our moods with colorful light dance movements.

Planet Rocks

While we danced surrounded by lights, we got hit, similar to being hit by a rock, but instead of getting hit by a rock, we got hit by a thought “this planet rocks, if we all just stop and start spinning in a rockin’ hot slot every once in a while”. Just like our slot Planet Rocks, a one of a kind slot where players collect free spins and use them whenever they want.

Monaco Fever

After we realized that this planet rocks, we suddenly got struck with feverous degrees of hot excitement which took us to warmer latitudes where players can feel the heat from every spin in….Monaco. We have reached this far and realized that the only way is up and to keep producing hot slots that rock this planet around.


IT’s a Joker

In the mood for all the fun of the fair? Then maybe don’t choose this one, as there’s a pretty creepy clown lying in wait in this five-payline slot from us, just itching for the chance to ensnare you. The only question that remains is this: do you really have the courage?

Red Lion – SOON

Let the rich colours of an Asian village captivate you in this beautiful five reel, 20-payline slot, where you can get your hands on expanding wilds, unlimited extra spins, a pick-me bonus and multipliers of up to 20,000x your bet. If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to embark on a new adventure, it looks like the time has come…

But he is not the only one…

A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.
Our dreamy partners below have helped us to realize our dreams.